Custom Design

Creating a timeless materpiece in 3 easy steps







It's a personal process.

Jewelry is personal, especially if there is a story behind it.  It could simbolize special events, milestones, or something that reminds us of someone special.

Since 1987, Jewelers Bench creates custom jewelry incorporating today's trends as well as embracing the tradional look we have loved all these years.

It all starts with imagination and taking that first step to that dream piece.


Designing a dream piece

We pride ourselves on the high quality craftsmanship that starts with careful listening and communication about every detail with a customer.

If you have any pictures or sketches of designs you like, please bring those as they are essential to helping us understand all your ideas.  The more details you provide, the better we are able to narrow down your design and provide you with an accurate estimate.

We are also happy to offer design and alternative materials suggestions to accommodate your budget, so do not hesitate to ask for recommendations.


Our Goldsmiths at work

Once all the modifications of the design are complete and approval has been given, we will begin production!  We will never begin until you are completely satisfied with your design.

After production begins, we put our skills to work adding all the special requests to put each final touch on your finished piece.  All that is left is for you to try it on and show it off!

What begins as an idea becomes a wearable piece of art.   We can only hope you are able to treasure an original piece of jewelry for your rest of your life.  Be sure to follow up with us to keep that piece looking beautiful.

I have an idea!

Send us a note.  We would love to hear from you and all your ideas.  Or give us a call at 218-727-2711 to set up an appointment.