Engagement Rings
For the love of your life.
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Family Heirlooms
Handed down through generations.
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Local Stones
Custom creations from your backyard.
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The Best Kept Secret
Family operated for over 30 years.
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Jewelry Repair
Your piece never leaves the shop.
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Since 1987

We make it personal.

As one of the smallest stores and "best kept secret in town", The Jewelers Bench of Duluth provides a more intimate setting.  We offer personal attention to each and every customer that many of the big jewelry stores can't.

Established in 1987, Mark and Susan Furo have dedicated themselves to making jewelery in Duluth.  Each piece is unique to the customer's individual preference and style.

We make it unique.


Engagement rings, wedding bands, and full sets are all available here.  Check out our inventory or meet with one of our sales reps to design one of a kind ring for your loved one.

Precious Stones

From the classic stones of diamonds and rubies to the local stones including agates and greenstones, we carry a variety for that piece you have always dreamed of.

Recreate & Redesign

Our goldsmiths will help you redesign and combine old with the new for a whole new piece.  Bring your piece by, and we are happy to help with a complete redesign.

We make it forever.

Repair & Replace

Our expert team has spent many hours making sure damaged jewelry looks new again here so it never leaves the store.


Don't let it sit in a drawer!  Keep your jewelry looking new with restoration of your antiques and family heirlooms.


Whether your ring is too small or too large, we are able to resize it so you can continue to wear it comfortably everyday.

Our pieces are one of a kind.

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Wedding Sets
  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Vintage Pieces
  • Menswear
  • Diamond Fashion Jewelry
  • Custom Designs
This is a great jewelry store! I went there to get my engagement ring and wedding jacket soldered together. They were very friendly and helpful from the start.
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They said it would take between one and two weeks to get my rings back but they called back within three days and said it was done and it was beautiful!! It looked brand new!
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If your looking for a local family owned and operated jewelry store, look no further! They can custom create just about anything you desire!
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They are honest, easy to work with and their prices are very reasonable!
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Jewelers Bench rebuilt my long neglected, well worn wedding ring and turned it into a stunning, shiny, “brand new” 38 year old ring!
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They fixed my bent wedding ring and checked my prongs as I waited. I was totally expecting to have to come back in a week like other jewelers in town. They cleaned it and it looks fantastic! Very friendly, very customer-oriented, very impressed!
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Wow ! The Jewlers Bench Duluth exemplifies customer service. Such a warm, welcoming and knowledgeable staff. Fabulous, personalized and unique designs. Beyond a jewelry store. Looking forward to future designs and purchases.
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Wonderful! They sized both of my wedding sets when the rings shrunk, and they crafted a pendant for me out of my "mother's ring". Just beautiful work and reasonably prices.
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Repair work done. They were very friendly, affordable and speedy! Would certainly recommend!
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The nicest people you could ever do business with when looking for that something special. They really care!!
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Such wonderful people with so much talent. Truly have been a part of many important life events. Thank you.
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I absolutely love my engagement ring! Huge thank you to Lisa and the rest of the team!! It's gorgeous!!
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My fiancée and I got her engagement ring made here and decided to come back for our wedding rings. Jess was really easy to work with, prices are affordable and upfront, and the work is absoleutly beautiful, just what we asked for! Make sure to ask about their agates, too.
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Variety of Options

Don't have a design in mind?  No problem. We have a wide selection on hand.  Stop in to pick out your next necklace, ring, or earrings for a special occasion or everyday wear.

For more information

Contact Jewelers Bench of Duluth at 218-727-2711 or visit our contact page.